12-Step Spiritual Recovery

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This past Sunday, Pastor Terry started a new series which is a 12-step spiritual recovery. In our stress-filled world today, in our nation, and even in our small town, many struggle with addictions & fear of failure. Addictions come in all shapes, sizes, and forms: from drugs and alcohol, sex and pornography, to food issues, control issues, and even addiction to success or fitness. The list is nearly endless but the result is the same—hurting and unhealthy people and lifestyles. Please be in prayer for these services and be praying about who you know that might benefit from joining you. You can find extra copies of the worksheets at the Welcome Center along with copies of the 10 sermon topics and dates.

Also, you can view and print the worksheet here.

Below are worksheets listed by each step that can be downloaded:
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
The Twelve Steps of Sinners Anonymous