About Marietta Nazarene

In September of 1931, Rev. S. W. Hinman and his wide moved from Batesville, Ohio to Marietta, Ohio, to organize The Church of the Nazarene. For several months, meetings were held in a vacant store room on Front Street near the St. Cloud Hotel. The meetings were later moved to the assembly room of the local courthouse. It wasn’t until January 1932, that the congregation met in the first church owned property, a house located on the corner of Franklin and Market Street. The church was officially organized on February 15, 1932, with a total of 25 members. At that time, Marietta was in the Pittsburg, Pennsylvania district. The church property was remodeled and improved to a seating capacity of 200. The walls of the first floor were torn down inside of the first floor and stairs were built on the outside of the building to allows access to the second story. The second story was used as the parsonage and for Sunday School classes. The record Sunday School attendance in this building was 151 students on August 13, 1933. The current church enrollment at that time was 53. Rev. Hinman did an excellent job remodeling the building mostly by himself as there were no funds available to fund a remodel at that time. To pay for the remodeling, Rev. Hinman cashed in one of his insurance policies and invested it in the remodeling of the property. Unfortunately Rev. Hinman fell ill and resigned in December of 1933. The district paid back the sum that was invested with his widow fallowing his death.
In 1934 Rev. F. C. Hunt of DuBois, Pennsylvania, became pastor. He returned to the church there in May 1935, and Rev. Sadie M. Hall was assigned to the Marietta church. There were 22 members and the church property was heavily in debt, with no money in the treasury. Gradually, the church grew until all debts were paid in full, and many improvements were made. After thirteen years of service, Mrs. Hall resigned. At the time of her resignation, there were 110 members and $3,000 in the treasury. In May 1948, Rev. and Bernard Younce, along with his wife and family began working at the church. On March 11, 1950, the work of tearing down the old building began. Just a week and a half fallowing demolition of the old building, construction of the new structure started. While the work was being completed, services were held in Broughton’s Hall at the corner of Maple and Gilman Street. Membership continued to increase and an annex was built beside the church with a kitchen and room for additional Sunday School classes and fellowship activities. The Mill Creek Road property was built in 1975 while Rev. George Hazlett was pastor. An addition was added to the sanctuary a few years later, as the church continued to grow. In 1988 the Family Life Building was completed under the pastorate of Rev. Robert Stylers. An addition to the Family Life Building to expand space for classrooms and youth activities was added under Pastor Terry Schmelzenbach’s ministry.