Questions that Need to Be Asked

Posted by pastor-terry:
In talking to people, an easy and non offensive way to help people to think and realize their spiritual need is to ask them questions . Even when talking to other followers of Jesus the same questions can be used to keep each other from being distracted and spiritually alert.  We live in a world of enchantments and are prone to being drawn away and sidetracked from a life that is committed to Jesus.  These questions will help us to stay focused and to help those who need salvation found in Christ Jesus.
  1. Who are you or where do you come from? We are to help people realize who they are. This question could be used of God to help the Non Christian to awaken and the Christian to stay awake.
  2. Where are you going? Again…a question to awaken one or to stir the other to praise and excitement.
  3. How are you going to get there? Jesus is the Sheep Gate, there is no other gate or door to Heaven. This last question will cause one to realize that being a good person is not enough for entrance into heaven and for the the believer it keeps the mind and heart focused on Jesus. Thinking of Jesus on the Cross either convicts or helps one to stay awake in Christ the Lord. I do not believe it would be easy to sleep at the foot of the cross.