NMI Mission Statement

The Nazarene Church has been a missional church since it was founded in 1908 to spread the message of scriptural holiness “across the lands.” With 702 missionaries and volunteers serving around the world, Nazarenes worshiping in 212 languages, and the church operating 33 medical clinics and hospitals world wide, it is easy to see that the church is passionate about making a difference in the world by taking the good news of Jesus Christ to people everywhere.

What are the 4 Core Principles of NMI?


Interceding for leaders and churches and for the Holy Spirit to draw all people to Christ


Devoting ourselves and our resources, including World Evangelism Fund, to extend Christ’s kingdom


Mentoring and involving all people, including youth and children, to make Christ-like disciples in the nations


Sharing the mission story of the church; instilling passion for mission.  We provide resources and support for the local churches as it informs and educates its members, not only in what other Nazarenes are doing in mission, but how they can be involved as well.

NMI Objectives